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CPR Training

The American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED class covers CPR for Infants/Toddlers and Adults, choke-saving, & AED (automatic external defibrillator) use. The first-aid portion of this class covers allergic reactions, stroke, cardiac arrest, seizures and other life threatening emergencies.

This class meets licensing standards


Infant and Early Literacy Development

Read with Me 1:Explore  key knowledge and professional strategies including, read with enthusiasm, share control, invite interest, talk about pictures, and encourage participation.

Read with Me-Part 2: Explore key knowledge and professional strategies including, practice fine motor, rhythm and rhyme, link to experiences, point out print, model writing, and use props and extenders.


Early Childhood Training

The 5 interactive modules include time for discussion, practice, and viewing of real teachers in real classrooms teaching the highlighted lessons. Infant and toddler teachers will increase knowledge and understanding of research-based, effective practices and will leave the session with the confidence to implement all that they learned during the training.

The modules are listed below in the recommended order of delivery:

Best Practices (~1.5 hours)

Social & Emotional Development (~3 hours)

Language & Communication Development (~3 hours)

Cognitive Development (~3 hours)

Physical Health & Motor Development (~2 hours)


CDA  PD Specialist

I use my ECE expertise to assess CDA candidates' competencies and facilitate reflective conversations with the candidates.

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