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Bringing learning, literacy and fun together

Providing Quality Education and Childcare

At Jazzy’s Creative Center, we strive to foster a warm and fun environment where children feel comfortable exploring and learning things their own way and at their own pace.

Every child learns different and develops at their own pace. We cater to every learner and allow them to create a learning adventure every day. Allow us to become your child’s home away from home.



By allowing children to actively explore the world around them, interact with other kids, create, and play, they are provided with a nurturing learning environment. With their self-confidence and social skills enhanced, children are given the opportunity for them to learn to share, follow instructions, and soak up the tools they'll need to succeed in the future.



Created in partnership with Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini is a unique, effective, and fun early childhood education programme that uses the power of music and movement to promote cognitive, social, emotional and motor skill development for children aged zero to five, all while promoting a strong bond between parent and child. 

Parent's Day/Night Out

Parents’ Night Out is 2-8 hours of supervised play filled with fun games and activities designed with each child(ren) interests and hobbies in mind while guardians/parents enjoy a fun night out.  Limited spots available

Resources for Parents

Sight Word Activity Book Bundle


I Can Do It: Positive Thinking Coloring Book



$5 to secure your spot

Parents Day/Night Out! Deposit required to secure your spot!


Activity Examples

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